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We are Shortwave, and we've come to take over the world. All of our music is made straight from the heart by 5 people who yearn to bleed their experiences, heartaches, beliefs, and questions through every note, word, snare hit, piano chord, or bass groove in the effort that maybe somewhere, someone will hear it and say, "man, I thought I was the only one who felt that way."

We also like to do a lot of random stuff that we deliberately (or forgetfully) don't share with the general public. We'll be making random bits of demos, unused songs, exclusive tracks and items available to people who genuinely believe in us enough to throw a few dollars at us every month. Which basically means IF YOU LIKE IT PUT A SUBSCRIPTION ON IT

With love,
Luke F, Luke R, Ali, Collin, and Alex.

Post-note: we are currently developing our upcoming full-length album, and all proceeds we earn on bandcamp will be used for the printing and distribution of the album. If you subscribe, you'll be helping us put a CD in your hands :)

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Independent folk/rock project from Ft Worth, Texas. 100% Real Music.

Luke Frederick
Ali Bankston
Luke Ridlehoover
Collin Brandt
Alex Bond

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